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Domestic and oversea food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, technology consultants, microwave packaging and supply chain companies interested to receive  sales, marketing, food category and territory information for DRYFRY or JIFFYGRILLE microwave technology and process systems, please  contact JiffyCrisp LLC, New York.

JiffyCrisp understanding of the relationship of all the component variables in microwave recipes, ingredient selections, plant procedures, storage stability, susceptor packaging structures and microwave oven technology that has resulted in two complementary patents related to "high water" content fried products viz.
     a)     "microwave oven cooking process" and
     b)     "microwave susceptor with fluid absorbent structure"

JiffyCrisp has combined these two patents and is offering this process as:-
 DRYFRY TM Microwave Coating and Frying System.

            This enables frozen crumbed / breaded fried chicken, fish and selected snack food products to be “just fried crispy”  in minutes in a microwave oven. 
DRYFRY is a “fully developed, turn key / drop in”  manufacturing and susceptor packaging frozen microwave food process.  

Changing market trends, government regulations, consumer tastes and with the introduction of new DRYFRY "just fried crispy, category changing" microwave technology will challenge food companies R & D to develop and Marketing Departments to reposition /  introduce these new and improved microwavable categories that will address these issues and offer:-

        1.  crispier:         fried chicken, fish and hand held snack foods (DRYFRY)
        2.  healthier;      reduced trans fats, PHO, HO, sodium etc.
        3.  fresher;         steamed vegetables, marinade raw chicken & pork.
        4.  high quality;   mouth feel and taste, whole muscle meat / not ground.
        5.  convenience; fast preparation and cook times, quick clean up.

Companies who are "first to market" offering enhanced "high quality" microwave products will enjoy market opportunities in a un-crowed category sector with limited technology competition.

It is widely accepted that "conventional recipe" food products, when tested using microwave susceptor packaging will, in most cases provide "less than expected" results when reconstituted in the microwave oven.

Microwave susceptor packaging generate a "crisping effect" by the susceptor input of radiant and conductive heat, however susceptor material "by it self" is not the total solution.

The successful re-formulation of ingredients, plant process and susceptor packaging design must be optimized to achieve  "high quality crispy" microwave products.
Food company R & D Departments now recognize that successful microwave products require knowledge of the inter-relationships between ingredients, re-formulation, plant processes, micro-wavelength cooking action, freezer stability and susceptor packaging involving full or partial metalization, shielding, venting and elevation to list a few design considerations.

DRYFRY :  Microwave Batter & Crumb Frying System has addressed these technical challengers and their patented process will provide a "just fried crispy" product in minutes when cooked in the microwave oven.

Food manufacturing companies interested to incorporate this microwave process into their microwave product range is offered through the DRYFRY “Evaluation and License” agreement program in the patented and non patented territories. 

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Companies interested to receive information on DRYFRY Evaluation and License program, please have your New Product / Marketing Department, contact JiffyCrisp LLC in New York, USA

JiffyCrisp will email a company information form to your Marketing Department for completion, to be return to JiffyCrisp for processing.
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New Products and R & D Departments interested to learn about the DRYFRY microwave technology and process.
Please note that the DRYFRY is a "fully Developed" system and we look forward to interested client's R & D Departments to evaluate our technology.

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