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     PET FILM /
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Microwave susceptor packaging has been available for many years from packaging converting companies in a wide range of patented and non-patented structures, designs and operational functions to food manufacturers. The susceptor structures heating characteristics in the microwave oven and the conductive and radiant heat performances, and limitations, are now well known in the industry.

JiffyCrisp is pleased to offer a full range of both rigid and flexible susceptor materials with packaging structures and designs to suit your microwave products.

The two (2) most popular susceptor base materials, see photo above are:-

1.  PET film / susceptor metal / board.

           Die cut converted.
           Some representative examples:-

           a)  Sleeves: gusset two sides, open both ends (hand
                held snacks).
           b)  Absorbent Sleeve: gusset two sides with perforated  
                inner PET susceptor, to permit wicking of the cooking 
                fluids into the outer absorbent layer, open both ends
                (DRYFRY process)
           c)  Disks:  flat sheets (pizza).
           d)  Trays:  elevated trays (pizza)
           e)  Trays:  pre-formed trays (pizza)
           f)   Corrugated trays:   single face, various sized
                corrugated medium.

            A few example photos of Susceptor Board, see link:Susceptor Board

2.  PET film / susceptor metal / paper.

           Laminated converted.
           Some representative examples:-

           a) Popcorn Bags: tri-lamination into wall of bag
           b) Roast/Grilling Bags: Bottom & Fin Seal and bottom
               fold two side heat seal, J-lip
           c) Patch laminated Trays: onto die cut trays ( F'Fries )

          A few example photos of Susceptor Paper, see link:Susceptor Paper

3.  Alternate base susceptor components
may include:-
           a)   1/2 and 1 mil PET, 1 mil heat seal PET and cast PET films.
           b)   Aluminum susceptor metal, Inconel and Stainless Steel alloys.
           c)   Full, striped and de-met susceptor depositions.
           d)   Board and absorbent board in a range of thickness.
           e)   Paper in a range of weights.
           f)   Cellophane in a range of thickness.

Current microwave products in general, cover only three (3) major microwave food categories viz;
          a)  Popcorn, 
          b)  Pizza with a wide quality offering.
          c)  "encased" hand held snack foods ( Hot Pockets )

It is understood that "conventional recipe" food products when tested with microwave susceptor packaging will, in most cases provide "less than expected" results when reconstituted in the microwave oven.

Microwave susceptor packaging generates a "crisping effect" by the susceptor input of radiant and conductive heat, however susceptor material "by it-self" is not the total solution.

The successful re-formulation of ingredients, plant process and susceptor packaging design must be mastered to achieve  "high quality crispy" microwave products.

In R & FF January 2010 issue, "for your consideration" by Timothy H. Bohrer, posted January 15, 2010  refer to these challenges for new products  in #2, para 1 (raw poultry) and #3, para 1 ( high moisture, breaded food).

To read the full article, see R & FF link: Paperhttp://www.refrigeratedfrozenfood.com/Articles/RFF_Extra/BNP_GUID_9-5-2006_A_10000000000000737015Contact
With over 20 year experience in microwave susceptor material selection, design, cost structure and plant processes in the manufacture and supply of microwave susceptor packaging which will be designed to enhance the result of reconstituted food in the microwave oven.


For additional information concerning your microwave packaging requirements please contact us.   

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