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DRYFRY Microwave Frying System
is a food category "step change" technology.

patent manufacturing process provides "long term freezer stability and microwave dry-frying" of the crumbs in the microwave oven. The patented microwave susceptor fluid absorbing packaging wicks the excess cooking fluids and oils that are released during the cooking process.

The combination of these two patents insures "just fried crisping" of the batter and/or crumbed coating system and liquid absorbing of cooking fluids for enhanced consumer eye appeal and convenience. 

Food categories include "Panko style crusted fried" :-

    chicken:       nuggets, strips, "center plate" entree, tenders, patties,                         breasts, tenderloins, steaks, fillets, burgers etc.
    fish:             fingers, sticks, fillets, tenders, strips, nuggets, bites etc.

   shrimp:       popcorn, jumbo, butterfly, Panko crusted, crab cakes etc.

   appetizers:    jalapeno peppers, cheese sticks,vegetable sticks etc.

   snack foods:  hand held encased vegetable, meat, fruit and spring rolls etc.

This new food category of “microwave crisping”  will bring challenges to marketing departments to position thisstep change” microwave quality ideally suited for new category sector, portion sized to price points to create new “value added” premium brand products.

See "a typical" sample photographs on links below:

 Photo Link:   DRYFRY: Fried Chicken
   Photo Link:     DRYFRY: Fried Patties

      Photo Link:        DRYFRY: Spring Rolls